Saturday, March 5

Trek Day 2. Los Nevados National Park Colombia

Today was going to have amazing views across the paramo deep into valleys.  You just had to hike UPHILL to get to those views.  So much for climbing up the mountain to the finca and back down.  Today was another day full of some uphills, steep downhills, a stop at a finca for sopa, a picnic with wine and tapas provided by our hike and a lovely lovely meal in Salento to end our journey.  

The view yet to come!
A frosty cold morning at La Finca Primavera

La Finca Primavera

Full frost covering the ground

Breakfast at La Finca Primavera.  Fruit, eggs, and more

tent campers that joined the group at La Finca Primavera

Another cyclist that Eric met, that NO KIDDING, he's raced with before in the states.  He is Colombian and now a tour guide for the mountains.
Our bunk room

Immediate uphill to start the hike--GOOD MORNING!  

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The ground turned marshy with creeks on the trail


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